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Paresh Rathod is a seasoned technocrat. Currently, Dr. Rathod is working as a senior lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland. He is also actively serving as a Chairman of European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO), Brussels within working group as a part of the industry-led contractual counterpart to the European Commission (EC) for the implementation of the Cyber Security contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP).

Paresh Rathod has worked in many international business and applied projects funded by national, international and EU agencies. He has also initiated projects resulting in multinational consortiums for respective projects.

Paresh has published more than 25 research papers in an international peer reviewed journals and conferences. He has also served as a professional senior member in IEEE, ACM, ISACA, ASIS and Finnish Information Security Association (FISA). He has contributed as scholar in specialised interest groups of ACM and IEEE.

Paresh is a husband and father of 2 loving children. Dr. Rathod’s grandfather closely worked with Mahatma Gandhi (M.K. Gandhi) and his father served as a scientist, this gives him educational and humble background to continue serving in futuristic development-oriented communities and businesses.

Paresh Rathod